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Who we are

Music Matters

We are Straus Entertainment - a music industry organization &  entertainment company mainly focusing on activities in music and entertainment industries. We are an international organization, started in Tbilisi (Georgia), with activity branches in Kyiv (Ukraine), Berlin (Germany) and expanding to NYC (USA).

Our Vision:

Inspire artists and promoters worldwide and create opportunities for them to fully realize their potential and passion, use business to implement solutions for connecting and guiding people in different music worlds   

Our core values: 

Music – is the world where we exit and the oxygen around us. It is the main core of our engine. It’s the most important thing in the world. Music matters.

Creativity – Is the lifeblood of any activity we do. We turn our imaginations into reality.

Respect – That’s how we treat the world and each other. We value every individual around us.

Communication – We build bridges to make sharing and connecting possible. 

Leadership – we have the courage and experience to give an example and inspire others.

Quality – We continuously grow, learn and improve.  

Teamwork – We do everything together. That’s how it all becomes possible.

Diversity – We interact with different worlds, different people, different taste, different dreams

Fun – We really love what we do. Come fly with us.  


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